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Renzo® Classic - Discrete Warning (Carpet System)

The Korb Carpet System has been specifically designed for carpet with underlay. The multiple base plate and ferrule height configurations of the Carpet System allows for the installation of TGSIs on any variety of carpet and underlay types. The system is visually superior to others that are prone to installation at non-uniform centres and heights. It is also more robust and not prone to rotation and subsequently failure due to loose tapping threads.

Korb’s Carpet System is specifically designed for internal use only and is the preferred solution for the provision of TGSIs on carpet with underlay. It leads the industry in aesthetics, practicality, adaptability and durability.  

The Renzo® Classic TGSI’s sophisticated design enhances the interference fit anchor ensuring anti-rotation and making it vandal and removal proof. The classic surface profile delivers the highest slip resistance classification for warning and directional indicators, and the product range can be retrofitted to most substrates. Renzo® Classic TGSIs are able to harmoniously achieve their regulatory functions whilst allowing the floor finishes to remain the pre-eminent feature of a space. They are suitable for external and internal use. 

The Renzo® Classic is a popular alternative to the Nouvel® Classic TGSI due to its high versatility and comparative low cost. It is available in a wide range of colours making it complementary to Korb’s Venturi Polymer stair nosing.

Luminous Contrast Requirement

Color: White
SKU: 126114

Applicable Substrates


Slip Resistance Classification

P5 (BPN)

Product Warranty

5 Years

Product Data Sheet:
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