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Innovative Design,
Inclusive spaces.

Elevating Community Environments

Our team of draftsmen, estimators, and access consultants are equipped to address all your needs. Korb provides a consultative approach, offering technical advice, BIMs, custom product design, CPD presentations (formally recognised), and a suite of compliant products, providing a supportive role to all architects and designers

At Korb, our commitment to client satisfaction and product performance is the cornerstone of our mission to create better and safer environments. We recognise the critical importance of effective commercial and public access and its role in enhancing the quality of life within our communities. Striving for a harmonious balance between design, manufacturing, distribution, and installation, our focus is on ensuring regulatory compliance while accommodating individual client preferences.

Our product range includes Entry Matting, Tactile Ground Surface Indicators (TGSIs), and Stair Nosing. We engage with our clients throughout all project phases, from specification, including Luminance Contrast Testing, to project delivery and compliance reporting.

Korb specialises in high-volume work during critical operational periods, providing services across all sectors. We cater to private, state, and government-funded projects in all tiers, including commercial, civil, infrastructure, transport, and maintenance. Our team comprises skilled and experienced installers, renowned for their quality workmanship and particular expertise in accessibility requirements and the rail industry.

Diverse Sourcing
Procuring from a range of countries including the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, China, Thailand, and Taiwan.

Multiple Suppliers

Ensuring continuous supply by qualifying several suppliers for each product.

Global Partnerships
Fostered enduring relationships with suppliers worldwide over the years, underpinning the reliability of our supply chain.

Raw Material Control
Importing a significant portion of raw materials to maintain control over the source of production.

Supply Chain Resilience
Multiple suppliers, global partnerships, and raw material control ensures uninterrupted supply even during unforeseen disruptions.


Leader in Innovation

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  • Tactile Indicators

    In Australia, there's a growing recognition of the need for inclusive design, especially for the visually impaired. Discover how Tactile Ground Surface Indicators (TGSIs) provide essential cues for navigation, signaling hazards and guiding safe passage.

  • Stair Nosing

    At Korb, we proudly provide stair nosing solutions that meet luminance contrast and slip resistance standards. Our range caters to various settings, from public to commercial or industrial environments. Made from premium materials exceeding industry standards.

  • Entrance Matting

    Korb's Recessed Entrance Flooring System combines aluminium extrusions with soundproofing feet for rigidity and quietness. Forbo Coral Classic & Brush inserts offer versatile design options. Sustainability is prioritised with dirt and moisture trapping capabilities, while ECONYL® yarns enable recyclability, aligning with green building standards.

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