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  • Nouvel® Classic - Discrete Warning

    Choose Nouvel® Classic TGSIs for a sophisticated look in high traffic areas. They are available in stainless steel, black PVD stainless steel, and brass.

  • Nouvel® Carbtop - Discrete Warning

    Experience Unmatched Durability and Versatility with Nouvel® CarbTop TGSI in Black or Yellow.

  • Nouvel® Plate Classic - Integrated Warning

    The integrated TGSI plate is often a preferred solution when Stainless Steel Tactile Indicators are desired, but there are potential issues relating to the installation of discrete TGSIs.

  • Nouvel® Plate CarbTop - Composite Integrated Warning

    The integrated TGSI plate is preferred when Stainless Steel TGSIs are desired, but there are potential issues relating to the installation of discrete TGSIs.

  • Renzo® Classic - Discrete Warning

    The Renzo® Classic is a popular alternative to the Nouvel® Classic TGSI due to its high versatility and comparative low cost. It is available in a wide range of colours making it complementary to Korb’s Venturi Polymer stair nosing.

  • Renzo® Vanguard - Integrated Warning

    The Renzo® Vanguard Tile is highly versatile and suitable for all substrates. Its colour variety delivers options to suit any designer’s vision, with the flexibility to comply with luminous contrast requirements.

  • Renzo® Tile - Integrated Warning

    The Renzo® Tile is available in a variety of colours that have been colour matched to our Venturi Polymer stair nosing.  This offers a complimentary finish to all your stairway areas, whilst accommodating compliance with luminous contrast requirements.

BIM Objects Tailored for Architects

Architectural BIM components are essential for precise visualization and accurate project planning.

At Korb, we understand the importance of offering BIM content specifically curated for architects. Explore our library to find the perfect components for your next architectural masterpiece.

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