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Interactive CPD Seminars

Enhancing Accessibility in Public Spaces

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Archify + NSCA Approved CPD Course

Whether you’re looking to make a striking design statement in your latest project, you want to learn how to enhance accessibility can have on your reception area, or you want to understand how navigate the Legal Requirements and Technical Standards – you’re in the right place.

Our 1-hour Archify + NSCA Approved CPD Course is designed to inform and inspire, using product samples and client case studies to provide real value for attendees.

You'll Learn About

  • Accessibility Principles

  • Universal Design

  • TGSI & Nosing Design and Compliance

  • Luminance Contrast and Slip Resistance

Flexible CPD Delivery To Suit You

The seminar covers two essential CPD core curriculum areas—Accessibility Principles, TGSI & Nosing Design and Compliance.

We understand the challenge of integrating CPD into your busy work schedule. That's why we offer the flexibility of remote presentations or visiting your offices! Following the session, there's an interactive assessment to validate your certification. Additionally, you'll have the chance to discuss your project concepts with our expert presenter. Secure your CPD session today!

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