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Universal Design for Rail

Seamless passenger journeys thanks to Korb's tactile solutions

Rail Projects That Bridge Accessibility and Safety

In the landscape of Australian rail projects, the pressing challenge lies in striking the delicate balance between productivity and security, all while championing the cause of inclusivity.

The rail and transport industry calls for solutions that seamlessly accommodate the needs of all passengers, ensuring a journey that is both safe and accessible for everyone.

At Korb, specialising in Tactile indicators and stair nosing solutions, we recognise the pivotal role of Universal Design in addressing these modern challenges. As a group we work to identify innovative solutions and deliver results through considered advice, attention to detail and collaborative leadership. We have a proven track record of success across major rail projects. 

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Caulfield to Dandenong Level Crossing Removal Project

Korb has been a key player in the success of the LRXP’s Station Upgrades since 2016 contributing to 34 of the 36 stations commissioned to date, thanks to our unwavering dedication to building strong partnerships with the major alliances.

Benefits of Choosing Korb for Rail Projects

  • Enhanced Passenger Experience: Elevate the rail journey for passengers, ensuring a seamless and efficient travel experience.

    Cutting-Edge Technology Integration: Utilize innovative solutions to optimize passenger flow.

    User-Friendly Design: Combine functionality with aesthetics, offering intuitive and visually appealing solutions.

  • Comprehensive Solutions: Get everything you need from a single source, ensuring consistency and compatibility.

    Holistic Consulting: Receive tailored solutions and expert guidance to meet your unique project requirements.

Our Premium Nouvel® Tactile Indicators

Made from the highest quality 316 stainless steel, Physical Vapour Deposition(PVD) black steel and dezincification resistant (DZR) brass in a Classic or Terraced style. This range has the highest slip resistance classification of P5 or R13. CarbTop and PolyTop inserts provide surface structure options, and also add a variety of colours, making the Nouvel® TGSI extremely versatile.

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