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Entry Matting

Entrance Flooring is a critical yet often underappreciated element of architectural design. Primarily, it serves as a robust first line of defence against dirt, debris, and moisture thatcan be tracked into a building. By trapping these elements, entrance flooring not only
preserves interior cleanliness but also significantly reduces maintenance costs and extends the longevity of flooring materials.

Entrance Flooring is not just a functional element; it is a critical design feature that enhances a building’s cleanliness, aesthetic coherence, safety, and sustainability. Through the integration of thoughtfully selected Entrance Flooring, architects can significantly improve a building’s overall performance and user experience.

Korb x Forbo

Korb is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Forbo, marking a significant milestone in our journey towards sustainable architectural excellence. Together, we introduce the renowned
Coral Classic | Coral Brush | Coral Welcome
entrance flooring solutions to the Australian market, enhancing our commitment to eco-responsibility and performance-driven design.

This collaboration is a seamless fusion of Korb’s dedication to sustainable architectural design and Forbo’s legacy of high-performance entrance flooring. It signifies a turning point for designers and architects, offering a comprehensive range of solutions that transcend the boundaries of functionality & aesthetics.

What sets this partnership apart is the unprecedented flexibility it offers, allowing designers to harmonise Korb’s Rohre Brass | Rohre Aluminium (Zone 2) with Forbo Coral (Zone 3). This continuity creates a cohesive flow throughout entry and circulation spaces, offering architects a palette
of possibilities to craft exceptional environments.

Entry Matting Solutions

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  • Rohre® Brass

    Step into the future of sustainable architectural design with Korb’s Brass Entrance Flooring. With the distinction of being the only Brass Entry Flooring solution available in Australia, it seamlessly merges functionality and elegance. The system adeptly mitigates slip and trip hazards and curtails maintenance requirements, opening the door to safe and beautiful entryways.

  • Rohre® Aluminium

    Unveil Korb’s Anodised Aluminium Entrance Matting, an exemplary fusion of sophisticated design and exceptional craftsmanship, all the while maintaining a strong commitment to eco-responsibility. Our systems, finished with a sturdy 20-micron anodised aluminium coating, offer a range of finishes including mill, champagne, heritage and black anodised. We’ve incorporated highp erformance inserts such as Forbo’s Coral® Classic and Coral® Brush, both produced from 100% regenerated ECONYL® yarns and engineered for superior absorption and debris removal.

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