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Our premium Nouvel® TGSIs are made from the highest quality 316 stainless steel, Physical Vapour Deposition(PVD) black steel and dezincification resistant (DZR) brass in a Classic or Terraced style. This range has the highest slip resistance classification of P5 or R13. CarbTop and PolyTop inserts provide surface structure options, and also add a variety of colours, making the Nouvel® TGSI extremely versatile. 

Nouvel® warning TGSIs are offered in two configurations. The Infix configuration provides the premium option, and is especially applicable for heavy pedestrian or wheeled traffic areas. These long lasting products can easily be retrofitted both externally and internally onto all common substrates. Nouvel® TGSIs are the most sophisticated products on the market delivering an elegant finish perfectly suited to endure and enliven any bustling environment. 

The Flat-back configuration is the economical, quick installation option that is best suited to lower pedestrian traffic areas, limited to specific substrates.

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