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Coburg and Moreland Train Stations

Coburg and Moreland Train Stations

The Coburg and Moreland train stations are integral to the Bell to Moreland Level Crossing Removal Project's community-centric vision. They are rooted in a reverence for railway heritage and they embody an architectural ode, blending infrastructure enhancement with enriched community amenities.

Coburg Station's design pays homage to classical architectural motifs. Notably, grand arched windows, akin to Melbourne landmarks Flinders Street Station and The National Gallery of Victoria. Within its walls is a concourse reminiscent of Grand Central Station, fostering a welcoming ambiance.

Moreland Station's design harmoniously melds with its surroundings, featuring grand floating stairs that gracefully ascend above a terracotta panelled base, evoking the adjacent historic railway building's red brickwork. A metal mesh screen shields commuters from the elements while maintaining a visual link to Gandolfo Gardens and the suburb itself.

As pivotal points of arrival and departure, these stations serve as conduits linking the local community to Melbourne's broader landscape, fostering equitable access and recreational opportunities. The Bell to Moreland Level Crossing Removal Project epitomises transportation infrastructure's potential for community enrichment, creating vibrant community hubs nestled within Melbourne's suburbs, a testament to collaborative vision and transformative design.

Sector: Transportation
Location: Coburg and Moreland Stations, Melbourne
Completion: 2021
Builder: John Holland
Architect: Wood Marsh Architecture
Products: Tactile Indicators, Linemarking 

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