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Zonal Approach System

The primary aim of any quality commercial entrance matting system should include:

  • Trapping dirt, debris, and moisture
  • Compliments and/or enhances the surrounding aesthetic appearance of its environment
  • Protects internal floor coverings
  • Reduces trip and slips hazards
  • Reduces cleaning and maintenance costs
  • Durable and robust
  • Easy to maintain

At Korb, we have specifically designed our commercial entrance matting system range to achieve all these aims.

A Cleaner, Safer Entryway

The Zonal Approach system embodies an ingenious blend of design and functionality, harmoniously uniting practical needs with aesthetic appeal. Each mat within the system is meticulously crafted to fulfil a unique role – promoting cleanliness, cost-effective maintenance, enhanced safety and aesthetic coherence. It epitomises the best of Entrance flooring – a seamless fusion of purpose and design.

  • Zone 1 - Pre Entry

    The journey begins with the ‘outdoor zone’, armed with our rugged exterior grade matting Rohre Oasis adept at tackling larger dirt particles and moisture. This initial zone offers the first line of defence, crucially reducing the quantity of debris entering, thereby preserving the interior’s cleanliness - a paramount consideration in spaces with significant foot traffic.

  • Zone 2 - Primary Entry/Vestibule

    Transitioning to the second layer, or ‘vestibule zone’, we incorporate sophisticated dual-action matting such as Rohre Realm & Rohre Brush. This matting continues the task of removing lingering coarse particles, simultaneously beginning the process of capturing finer particles. Aesthetically integrated, this matting ensures a smooth transition from the external to the internal environment.

  • Zone 3 - Circulation and Dispersion

    The ‘indoor zone’ brings up the rear, equipped with high performance matting designed to absorb any residual moisture and fine dust. Products like Realm & Horizon are renowned for their moisture absorbing yarns and are perfect for this zone, offering both superior effectiveness and a comfortable underfoot experience.

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