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Venturi® Carbtech Flooring Tile (Long Downturn)

The Venturi® Carbtech stair nosing is suitable for both internal and external applications, providing a non-slip surface in oily, wet, dry or soiled conditions. Carbtech is UV stabilised and manufactured from silicon carbide. (The hardest material on earth next to diamond.) It is impact, chemical and corrosion resistant; however, it is also very abrasive making it less suitable for barefoot traffic areas.

The Carbtech inserts are available in a variety of colours that have been matched to complement our Tactile Ground Surface Indicator (TGSI) range. Korb’s specially formulated ‘glow in the dark’ Carbtech is highly visible making it particularly applicable in areas where low light conditions from power outage or smoke may occur.

Luminous Contrast Requirement

Anodised Nosing Colour: Silver
Insert Colour: Black
SKU: 222611

Applicable Substrates


Slip Resistance Classification

P5 (BPN)

Product Warranty

5 Years

Product Data Sheet:
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